A leader’s true mettle is tested in dynamic & disruptive conditions.

“Leading yourself and others is always both challenging and rewarding, but a leader’s true mettle is tested in dynamic and disruptive conditions. When uncertainty is high and the ground is shifting under your feet, an adaptive mindset is vital.” - Dr. Trish Gorman, Managing Director of the Goff Strategic Leadership Centre

Leading in Disruptive Times may sound like a special case of leadership, but to many of you it is ‘just another Tuesday.’ For industries ranging from medical devices to automobiles and from legal services to home security management, Dr. Gorman highlights that we have seen new entrants and new technologies, often from unexpected quarters disturbing the established order and posing unique and serious challenges for leaders.

For example: For players in the health diagnostics and monitoring business, the feature on Fitbit or Apple Watch providing feedback on sleep quality was an early warning. To be able to detect anomalies in heart function took the threat up a level. The as-yet-unknown potential to monitor blood sugars for diabetics, hydration for athletes, or hormones during pregnancy opens up new avenues for value creation by the disruptors in wearable monitors. Along with the gains for these innovators and for their customers comes the loss of business for the incumbents providing health care in traditional hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Whether you are a leader on the offense in this scenario according to Dr. Gorman, breaking new ground in wearable sensors, or a leader on the defense bracing for radical shifts in your products and processes, there are certain helpful mindsets and skills that can improve your odds of success.

Building on cutting-edge research led by Dr. Trish Gorman, Managing Director of the Goff Strategic Leadership Centre and an international consultant, professor and author, this featured module of the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme focuses on how leaders can anticipate disruption and will help you to position your teams and organisations to navigate disruptive times and continue to move ahead to create value, retain key talent, and delight future customers.

For senior executives and general managers responsible for setting and implementing the strategic direction of their organisation or for executives preparing to transition into such roles - this is your opportunity to embrace disruption and transform your effectiveness as a leader.
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