Creating Culture: Striving for Success With Norma Sheahan, Pendulum Summit Co-Creator

What creates a thriving culture? Is it the leaders? The company mission statement? The organic muffins? To me, it is people that are the biggest asset to an organisation. They are the pivotal contributors to creating a compassionate and winning culture. Below, I have elaborated upon seven touch points that will ensure a thriving culture.

Value and Genuine Appreciation: People must feel valued and they must feel a genuine appreciation of both themselves intrinsically and their work. It’s not sufficient to laud them once a year with a strong performance review or a bonus; they must feel valued each and every day.

A Collective Vision: Individuals develop high levels of self-motivation when they feel that they are an integral part of a team realising a collective vision. They must truly believe in this vision and consider it to be larger than the mundane day-to-day issues that will inevitably arise.

Momentum: Individuals need forward momentum to satisfy their yearning for growth. Managers must support this momentum by challenging their team consistently, whilst simultaneously supplying them with adequate reassurance, feedback and encouragement.

Support Without Suffocation: Individuals thrive in an environment where they feel safe to share ideas, opinions and dreams. A work environment which supports these aspirations and allows them the space and support to flourish will inexorably exceed expectations; but simultaneously maintains a balance where it avoids the trap of the helicopter parent.

Swift and Open Communication: If a member of the team wants to get something off their chest, they must be granted immediate access to a direct line of communication. If they’re caught up in red tape, their motivation will falter and their ideas will stagnate.

Linear v’s Triangular Management: The prior supports a growth culture as it encourages a positive feedback loop in both communication and eventual outcome.

Listening: This is the Golden Rule and a fitting one to sign off on; it is non-negotiable that a person must feel they are being listened to and HEARD.

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