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How To Magnify The Positive With World-Renowned Mentalist, Keith Barry

Apr 22, 2020
World-renowned Mentalist and Magician, Keith Barry, shows us how to stay positive with our minds while staying at home. The formidable Subconscious Mind specialist, who inspired our delegates to breakthrough barriers at Pendulum Summit 2018, is among the 50+ visionaries who have inspired the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme - a world-class digital learning experience that focuses on specific themes that are critical to today’s business executives and is an efficient and innovative way to train and inspire management teams.
According to Keith, right now our environment is like a rubik's cube... It is all muddled up the moment but ultimately there are 43 quintillion variations on a rubik's cube. In our minds, just like solving a rubik's cube, we can solve the mental issues we are having right now - but how do we do that?
  • You have got to magnify the positive in your life right now and shrink down the negative by stopping yourself from looking at the news all day long.
  • Create a structure around your day and what your brain is absorbing because  the information you are absorbing now and who you are connecting with is what will make a difference when the world opens back up. Read books, listen to podcasts, online courses or webinars, anything that can help you with maintaining your mental well-being. 
  • Take it easy on yourself and don't be overly critical at this moment in time as it is very important to look after your mindset. Use this time to spend quality time with your family doing different activities like cards, creating assault courses in the back garden for the kids, gardening, just generally doing activities you wouldn't necessarily be able to do if it was normal circumstances.
  • Figure out what your intent is. All of our intent should be the same and that should be to engage in actions that not just benefit us, but also benefit the people around us.
If you are looking for an efficient and innovative way to train and inspire management teams, the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme provides a world-class digital learning experience that focuses on specific themes that are critical to today’s business executives.
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