May Madness Online Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme Offer Ends Soon!

Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme is a world-class digital learning experience that focuses on specific themes that are critical to today’s business executives and is an efficient and innovative way to train and inspire management teams.
Find your ultimate edge or master the unknown with Pendulum University's Online Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme. It is accessible on your laptop and phone from the safety and comfort of your own home. 
Our spectacular 'MAY MADNESS' offer ends very soon. Enroll today for full course for only €1377 and save over €900! (Full Price €2295) or Enroll today for our featured individual module "Leading In Disruptive Times" for €595 (Full Price €991).
What's included in this offer?
When uncertainty is high and the ground is shifting under your feet, an adaptive mindset is vital. The need for organisational agility now more than ever means that organisations must act quickly to deliver a clear and systematic approach to ensure effective learning provision across their organisation and improving and maintaining levels of employee engagement.
  • World-class online content to keep your team inspired and motivated while working remotely
  • Incredible value for money [40% off / Group Rates available]
  • Time efficient [Only 1 hour a week for 8 weeks plus extra resources, video content and reflective practice]
  • 8 high impact modules that are academic based and inspired by the greatest minds on the planet
  • Professionally facilitated and user friendly
  • Dedicated assistance from us every step of the way
Our magic ingredient:
This particular module is enriched by the extraordinary visionaries including Chris Hadfield, Jack Daly, Robin Sharma, Bob Rotella, Michelle Mone, Jo Malone, James Caan, Jack Canfield, Karren Brady, Brian Cody, John Demartini, Keith Ferrazzi, Brad Sugars and Keith Cunningham, all of who have spoken at our flagship event Pendulum Summit, the world's leading business and self-empowerment summit.

You will also receive access to an impressive Pendulum Talks library which includes 150+ full length videos (talks) by some of the greatest leaders and visionaries of our time. These world-class talks (some of which are referenced in this module) will provide exceptional opportunities for personal and professional growth covering the areas of Self-Empowerment; Leadership and Team Performance, Authentic Relationships, Business Excellence, Professional and Wealth Elevation.

At the end of each module you will be encouraged to complete exercises to assess your learning and understanding of the key topics covered.

reflective learning log is also included. This is a valuable exercise that will help you identify your core values, assess the way you think and help you to establish the necessary steps for implementing change in your life right now.
You will get access to a full resource library of transcripts, articles, references to books and academic journals.

You will receive a Pendulum Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the programme which can be added to your CPD portfolio.
Who is it for?
This featured module is specifically designed for Senior Executives and General Managers responsible for setting and implementing the strategic direction of their organisation or for executives preparing to transition into such roles - this is your opportunity to embrace disruption and transform your effectiveness as a leader.
For payment plans, group bookings and further information email [email protected]
In order to assist individuals & families in this challenging economic environment, our colleagues at Compass Financial Planning have created a free online tutorial covering the A-Z of holistic financial planning.
This user-friendly and concise course is designed to facilitate people to upskill on their household finances and ultimately enable them to make more effective and appropriate financial decisions going forward.

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