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Surfing, Ceramics and Fishmongering in La Jolla

Mar 21, 2018

Joe Skoby lives in La Jolla, Southern California. Purchase his creations here.

I work enough so that I can pay my bills and feed my family, but what I truly find fulfilling is immersing myself in the creative process. For me, those two creative outlets are ceramics and surfing.

Pottery for me is like surfing. You’re hyper-focused on what’s in front of you. There’s no background noise and there’s nothing else that exists in your world besides that which is right in front of you. What I aim for in my pottery is tapping into that stripped-down simplicity - where you’re combining curves, texture and colour to create a form that’s considered beautiful.

Firing the krill is super intense. You have to be there for ten to 12 hours sometimes and it reaches up to 2,500 degrees. You have to decide on the correct amount of gas and oxygen and strike the correct combination of the two. This is in order to get the krill not only to temperature, but also to ensure the colours and mixtures come out exactly as you envision them.That first opening of the krill door to see how the colours came out in your pieces is the culmination of the whole process, and it’s always super fun to see.

My wife has been a big inspiration for me, and certain friends too. They've supported me and made me believe in myself. I tend to have a huge amount of self-doubt when it comes to what I make and what I do. When you have forces outside of you that you respect pushing you, encouraging you to go for it, it’s a huge deal.

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