Take Your Business Acumen To The Next Level With The Pendulum Inspired Online Leadership Programme

The move to virtual working hasn’t been caused by coronavirus, but it has been accelerated by it. Grappling with a sea change in working practices never seen before, creating a strong culture to align behaviours, values and decisions in a virtual environment has become a key consideration for leaders. 
Our Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme is a world-class online learning experience that focuses on specific themes that are critical to today’s business executives and is an efficient and innovative way to train and inspire management teams. 
Created by the Pendulum University Team in collaboration with industry experts, distinguished academics, and inspired by the wisdom of Pendulum Summit’s greatest minds, this cutting-edge programme explores the fundamentals of leadership based on:
During this critical time, Learning and Development play an important role for corporate and business, stepping up to maintain a healthy and productive workforce. For the majority of our learners, this online training programme (and interactive workshops pre-Covid) have sparked a renewed appreciation for the complexities of leadership - particularly during disruptive times. It has also helped transform feelings of stress into inspiration, and has provided solid strategies to adapt and navigate with certainty and focus. 
Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity to prepare yourself and your team for the future, visit or email [email protected] for info on group rates and more! 

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