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Final Countdown To Monday's Online Leadership Programme With Savings Of Over €900

Mar 26, 2020
The need for organisational agility now more than ever means that organisations must act quickly to deliver a clear and systematic approach to ensure effective learning provision across their organisation and improving and maintaining levels of employee engagement.
We are fortunate to be at the epicentre of leadership, and the management and development of people, and our world-class Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme focuses on meeting the changing nature of today’s workforce by providing value for money and cutting-edge content.
We are offering you a 40% reduction on the world-class Pendulum Inspired Leadership Online Programme. Starting next Monday at 10.00am, we are rolling out a special 8-week online programme specifically designed for individuals and teams working remotely.
Like many of you, we are trying...
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Save Over €900 When You Sign Up For Pendulum's World-Class 8 Week Online Leadership Programme

Mar 24, 2020
To show our support through these challenging times, we are facilitating a 40% discount on the world-class online Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme.
Starting next Monday at 10.00am, we are rolling out a special 8-week online programme specifically designed for individuals and teams working remotely.
You save over €900 and the investment for you is only €1377.

Rather than spending all your time on the news and Netflix... dive into all the WORLD-CLASS content of the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme. Be the first in your industry who turns this crisis into an opportunity and develop the skills to flourish like other great leaders.

98% of previous participants have rated the programme as either "Excellent" or "Very Good"

What you get:
  • World-class online content to keep your team inspired and motivated while working remotely
  • Incredible value for money [40% off / Group Rates available]
  • Time efficient [Only 1 hour a week for 8 weeks plus extra resources,...
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World-Class Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme Now Available Online

Mar 13, 2020
As the global spread of the coronavirus is forcing a rethink of public events and large gatherings, we have the perfect solution to ensure your organisation stays ahead of the game. The Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme is now available online.

Professionally designed and easy-to-use, this Inspired Leadership training is the ultimate 8-course tasting menu for time conscious leaders who want to discover the latest leadership trends; reconnect with their inner leader; and build their leadership repertoire with the most advanced approaches to leadership excellence.

We've done the hard work for you by sifting through hours and hours of world-class content to bring you the core fundamentals of leadership excellence. Created in partnership with distinguished academics and industry experts, this online programme explores the fundamentals of leadership through 8 hours of intense learning based on 8 core modules.
The structure of the online...
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Inspired Leadership 3 Day Intensive workshop almost sold out as world-class facilitators added.

Jan 29, 2020

Only 10 Places Remaining As Expert Facilitators Announced

 Building Exceptional Leaders



Bonus Access To 8 High Impact Online Modules On Completion Of The 3 Day Workshop
Who Is This For?
What Are You Waiting For?
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Creating Culture: Striving for Success With Norma Sheahan, Pendulum Summit Co-Creator

Jun 15, 2018

What creates a thriving culture? Is it the leaders? The company mission statement? The organic muffins? To me, it is people that are the biggest asset to an organisation. They are the pivotal contributors to creating a compassionate and winning culture. Below, I have elaborated upon seven touch points that will ensure a thriving culture.

Value and Genuine Appreciation: People must feel valued and they must feel a genuine appreciation of both themselves intrinsically and their work. It’s not sufficient to laud them once a year with a strong performance review or a bonus; they must feel valued each and every day.

A Collective Vision: Individuals develop high levels of self-motivation when they feel that they are an integral part of a team realising a collective vision. They must truly believe in this vision and consider it to be larger than the mundane day-to-day issues that will inevitably arise.

Momentum: Individuals need forward momentum to satisfy their yearning for growth....

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Managing Stress - creating calm in your career by Michelle A Hardwick of Release...Peace

May 30, 2018

Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...Peace is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, advanced Trainer and Practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Listen to Michelle's Grounding Exercise or Relaxation audio here.


The focus of this blog is to introduce a variety of strategies to help deal with stress and create calmness in your life and career.

Managing Stress - creating calm in your career

Levels of stress are again peaking in the current business and economic climates. We all have personal experience of the cost of stress to our lives yet knowing how to deal with it, is ultimately the challenge.

Plus and Minus

Some stress is positive - we might feel a sense of excitement e.g. like the thrill of being on a rollercoaster ride, this type of stress keeps us on our toes and makes us feel alive (albeit temporarily).

Usually stress creates a host of negative experiences: e.g. feeling worried,...

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Loving ourselves with Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...Peace

May 18, 2018

Michelle A. Hardwick of Release...Peace is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, advanced Trainer and Practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). 

Listen to Michelle's Grounding Exercise or Relaxation audio here.

Loving Ourselves
Loving our self is an essential and very important part of our healing and evolution. When we love ourselves we offer the gift of love to everyone around us as well. Self-love is the most compassionate, gentle, loving and kind thing we offer our Self.

Not Loving Ourselves
Most of us on the journey of life have invariably made a few mistakes along the way. If we judge ourselves for what we did/didn’t do – then it’s likely that we have feelings of shame/guilt. Holding onto these feelings prevent us from experiencing self-love, and keep us in a place of inner conflict or turmoil. When we are out of balance like this, we tend to hurt other people too.

Compassion: Loving...

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Pendulum is expanding to New York

May 18, 2018

With the success of five previous sell-out summits in Ireland transforming the lives of 16,000+ attendees, Pendulum Summit ‘Elevate to Excellence’ will take place in New York City on September 13th 2018. We are excited to partner with such a game-changing event.

Pendulum Summit New York Speakers: 
Jack Canfield – America’s #1 Success Coach
Suzy Welch – CNBC Correspondent, Leading Business and Life Strategist
Deepak Chopra MD – World Authority in Mindfulness for Leadership
Steve Forbes – CEO Forbes Magazine and Business Expert
Nataly Kogan – Tech Entrepreneur and Corporate Wellness Expert
Nick Santonastasso – Disabled Bodybuilder and Expert on Overcoming Adversity
More to be added!

Pendulum Summit has transformed the lives of 16,000+ attendees through consistently securing the greatest visionaries on earth to impart their game-changing insights. For information on partnership opportunities or ticket packages email ...

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Newness in Ourselves and the World

May 01, 2018

Michelle A. Hardwick of Release Peace is a highly qualified Hypnotherapist, advanced Trainer and Practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and is qualified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Have you noticed recently how things really are changing?

For me it feels like I’ve walked through mud for the past few months (well let’s just say YEARS!), and now I am noticing that things are finally starting to get easier. Thankfully a LOT easier than they have ever been. (And about time too!)

It’s a feeling of ‘walking on air’ as well as being much more in tune with the Universe and the Divine.

Those hardships are now in the past, released, and all heaviness or ‘stuff’ that has blocked and limited us previously seems to have disappeared. We are now free to move on with our lives and our purpose.

How liberating is that?

Many of my clients are in a process of change too. They are leaving the safety and security of their...

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Dr. Martyn Newman PhD: The Strength of Equanimity

Apr 16, 2018

Martyn Newman is a widely respected voice on emotional intelligence and leadership. Here is some of his presentation from day two of the 2018 Pendulum Summit. Hear more from Martyn on Pendulum Talks.

The problem in business and education is that we separate feeling from knowing. We teach about verbal intelligence, maths and performance IQ, but not about recognising the inner-life of experiences or managing surging emotions.

We’ve created environments of complete disengagement. We’ve created cultures of passive-aggressivity within our organisations, places where people resist change and making a contribution.

I’ve spent the last 20 years delving into the back-end of my profession to combat this error. I want to help people understand the importance of feelings and how they contribute to the cultivation of knowledge and problem-solving.

Inside of each intelligent creature, what Buddhists call ‘sentient beings’, is a remarkable capacity for curiosity. A...

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