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Jack Daly: Helping to Buy

Jan 31, 2018

See more from global authority on business growth and sales Jack Daly on Pendulum Talks (https://www.pendulumtalks.com/store/LP5Ue6wT). Here is a brief taste of what to expect from his day two presentation - a fascinating introduction into the mindset of a winning salesman.

Quit selling. It doesn’t work and no-one likes it.

Change the definition to “helping people buy.” Help them with their needs, opportunities and problems. If you do this they’ll buy from you.

The top five per cent of salespeople share the same special sauce. They help people even if it means recommending someone else. 30% of the leads that come into my business we hand to other organisations.

Take a call that comes in from a firm asking for help redesigning their compensation plan.

Can I do this? Yes. Have I done this before? Yes.

But there are people out there who do it better than me. They deserve the client’s business. A year later, that same client will call up again and say...

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Another year, but where is your career? It's time to pursue your passion.

Jan 30, 2018

Paul McNeive is a sought after motivational speaker and part of our Front Row Speakers roster. Here, he opens our new series of Pendulum Guest Blogs. 

He was managing director of Hamilton Osborne King when the firm was sold to Savills for €50m. Paul started his career as a trainee in the basement of the firm and not even the loss of his legs in a fire prevented him from rising to the top position to lead 250 staff. He has since become the first double amputee in the world to gain a helicopter pilots license.

 It's the start of another year for the property business, and the growing economy points to another good year ahead. But stop. And think. Before charging headlong into another 12 months of activity, where the outcome really only depends on how the market performs, it makes sense to pause and look at 'the big picture'. Am I in the right business at all? Am I thinking strategically about the future, or caught up in operational matters?

If you...

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Pendulum Talks: New Year, New Platform

Jan 18, 2018

The opening weeks of January is the slowest time of the year. People return to work following the Christmas break sluggish, in dire need of a kickstart. For the 7,000 delegates that descended upon the Convention Centre Dublin last week, the Pendulum Summit provided it.

From the moment the most well-prepared souls registered on Tuesday night, the stimulation began. Three evenings of socialising and networking in partnered night spots across Dublin flanked two full days of hard-won learnings and immediately applicable takeaways. Each speaker provided food for thought and offered a unique perspective, with the array of diversity on display ensuring different people took different things from different talks. The one thing each presentation had in common was an earnest endeavour to refine and improve - the hunger for which was evident in the room.

There are five key tenets of the Pendulum Summit.

1. Self-Empowerment.
2. Authentic Relationships.
3. Leadership and Team Performance.

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Pendulum 2018: Highlights

Jan 15, 2018
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Gurra Krantz: Swedish Leadership Expert

Dec 05, 2017

Just another Day at the Office

Sailing is just another day in the office but its more condensed, its more drama, it has more changeable ingredients in relation to Mother Nature but it’s actually the same ingredients as any company.

If you want something to happen, it will happen.

If you have the right people around you, you can achieve any goals. If you have a clear path and you know exactly what you are going to do, your goal is achievable. On the other hand, if there is no vision, there will be lots of confused people and you won’t have any success in the immediate and long term. 

No room for Negativity

When sailing around the world the track around the world is 39,500 miles, 9 stopovers, you race for 9 months and the whole project time lasts roughly 3.5 years. There are 6 hour live positioning reports. Once we made a tactical decision to be the furthest most western boat in 4 days. How easy it is to think ‘what if this doesn’t work?’ and it only...

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