Pendulum Inspired Leadership

3-Day Intensive Workshop

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Programme Overview

The Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme aims to cultivate high impact leaders who set the standard of leadership excellence within their organisations; who ignite exceptional performance in their teams; and who are equipped to embrace challenges with confidence.

It enables people at various stages of the career ladder to immerse themselves in the most cutting-edge leadership practices and develop the skills necessary to ignite change in their organisations. This is achieved by combining the best of academia with world-class leadership principles and practice. 

What makes the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme truly unique is the exceptional content that we have spent years compiling - content that stems from 50+ visionaries that have spoken at our flagship event Pendulum Summit, now the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit. These global visionaries are the most respected voices in high performance, emotional intelligence, leadership, business excellence and beyond. This enriched source of wisdom sets us apart from the rest and we are delighted to share this world-class information with you to ensure you lead with impact.


8 High Impact Modules

The Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme consists of 8 high impact modules. Each module has been created by academics and industry experts, and inspired by years of Pendulum Summit’s wisdom. The 8 modules are:

  1. High Impact Leadership Capabilities
  2. Self-Empowerment and Leading Your Fullest Potential
  3. Leadership Communication With Impact
  4. Leading With Emotional Intelligence
  5. Leading High Performance Teams
  6. Leadership, Creativity and Innovation
  7. Leading Organisations In Disruptive Times
  8. Transforming Your Effectiveness As A Leader
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3-Day Intensive Workshop

The first of our 3-Day workshops for 2020 took place on February 18th, 19 and 20th in Dublin.

Contact us for upcoming dates.

This will be a highly interactive and content-rich experience where you will take a deep dive into 3 of the 8 modules:

  • Leading High Performance Teams

  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • High Impact Leadership Capabilities

During the 3-Day workshop, our expert facilitators will guide through strategies, scenarios and new perspectives as you discover the value of high impact leadership in individual, team, and organisational contexts.

Workshop Facilitators

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Phillip Matthews

Leadership Consultant & Former President of the National College of Ireland

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Andrew McLaughlin

Expert in Emotional Intelligence and International Leadership Coach

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Gary Keegan

High Performance Expert & Former Director of the Irish Amateur Boxing Association

Recent Workshop Photos

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ONLY €1,895


SAVE €900
  • Immerse yourself in 3 days of intense training where our expert facilitators will guide you through the core components of the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme.
  • Expertly curated content by leading academics
  • Dynamic, engaging and fast-paced sessions to take you to the next level of leadership
  • Develop an extensive armoury of leadership techniques and shape the direction of their organisations
  • Gain the skills, confidence and support to enact true change to impact your real-world business challenges
  • Access to an the online version of the Pendulum Inspired Leadership Programme which includes 8 Core Modules, Self-Assessment Exercises, Bonus Learning Materials and more.
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Customised Solutions

We accompany and support your leadership development. In this way, we help you on your way to / as a high-performance organisation through executives, managers, and experts who deliver top performance. Your challenges are our motivation to always look for the latest solutions and topics in the field of leadership training.


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